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My story began back in the past ,I was involved in making compost.

One has to get the compost analyzed for it to be registered for selling to the public.

This is were I was introduced to the nutrients that exist in compost and soil ,learning what constitutes a good or bad compost and soil.

Then moving on I was farming and managing Gary Player`s Blair Athol Estate. He is a world renowned golfer.

Here I joined the Organic Society of South Africa , applying as many of the organic farming principals as possible. Seeing the results first hand, a chef made a comment that the vegetables tasted much better.

It was in this time that I learned about the interaction of micro organisms and humus in the soil and how they help the absorption of the nutrients into plants.

I eventually also learned how important the ph of the soil and water were.

Ph controls the absorption of fertilizer and nutrients from the soil to the plants.

One can apply all the fertilizer required for plants to grow, but if the ph is to acidic or to alkaline then ,the applied fertilizer lies dormant instead of being used. If one fertilizer is applied in exess then it can lock or prevent other fertilizers from being absorbed.

The same goes for the human body ph controls nutrient absorption and hence this is were sickness comes in. We are either Acidic = sick or Alkaline = healthy.

If the soil ph is not between 5.5 & 6.8 then no matter how much fertilizer one applies ,it cannot be absorbed into the plants. (organic humus must be present )

This is why you see farmers applying Lime to the fields to correct the soil ph. Of late the practice of no till, eg ploughing crop residue back into the soil.

The interesting thing is IF the soil lacks nutrition then the plant, vegetables will not be nutritious .

The body`s ph try`s to stay at a ph of 7.365

Then after harvest the nutrient diminish, cooking kills essential enzymes, like does microwaving. (enzymes are the building blocks for cell health)

So this is were my search for health begins. After much reading about what is termed healthy eating I came across a book called the phMiricale by Dr Robert O Young. This research made sense as I understood the ph in soil.

Join me as I show you what I have learned over the years.

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