CBD Cream


Cream (100 g, 250 g & 500 g) (CBD oil, Aqueous, Tea Tree oil)

  • Provides a Youthful look

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  • Facilitates Inflammation and immune response

  • Provides Pain relief for multiple sclerosis or chronic pain

  • Alleviates Pain and stiffness from post workout or overexertion

  • Facilitates and Strengthens immune system

  • Facilitates Regeneration of skin cells

  • Alleviates skin cancer Symptoms

  • Repairs skin blemishes and abnormality‚Äôs

  • Thickens the skin epidermis

  • Repairs corpuscles that feed the skin

  • Visibly helps with scarring and scar tissue

  • Visibly helps with stretch marks

  • Visibly helps with cellulite (better circulation of water in the fat and skin)


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