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Not sure if this has been asked before. Does anyone have any success controlling pet allergies ingesting oils? We are traveling and staying with family who has cats. If so please send a recipe and how often you took the capsule 👍🏼

I just wanted to show everyone how long my hair is now. Remember I had to shave it all off after my accident. Well since I’m using Lavender & Cedarwood In a roller every alternative day, it’s growing nicely & it’s healthy. I don’t use relaxer(straightener) or have to do Brazilian. I don’t even use hair food, because it has a natural glow. I also added a few drops of lemon EO to my dye & my grey hair came out a nice bright blonde exactly what I wanted. I’ve also made a roller for my friend as her hair only grew a certain length but now her hair is growing at such a fast rate, I’m scared soon her hair will be longer than mine. 💛

2020/11/02, Wow! Amazing testimony!

2020/11/02, Amazing!!!

2020/11/02, Any specific oil to use on insect/spider bite, please? I’m thinking it would be Thieves but maybe there are other suggestions
2020/11/02, From the starter kit.. purification is great too. Or add Frankincense to the Lavender.

Outside of the starter kit, Basil is my first choice. I would use it over the ones mentioned already if I had it 🌿💚
2020/11/02, Yes I agree with Sunnette Basil is amazing
2020/11/02, Thanks. Basil will have to be next in my list to order then.😉

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2020/11/02, Yes, thanks to my amazing EOs! And the great advice I get on this group! 🌼
2020/11/02, – Dejandre.biz: I just use lavender as im a beekeeper and get a few stings while working on hives .a bit of raw honey also helps .🐝🐝

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oils for Olfactory gland eg restore smell after Covid

The olfactory bulb, in turn, sends those impulses along the lateral olfactory tract to 5 different structures in the brain, including the amygdala (which is responsible for storing and releasing emotional trauma), the anterior olfactory nucleus (which helps process smells), the olfactory tubercle, the piriform cortex (which passes the signal on to other structures that create a conscious perception of the odor), and the entorhinal cortex (which processes stimuli before sending them on to the hippocampus, the long-term memory center of the brain). Anatomically, the olfactory system is closely connected to the limbic system of the brain. The limbic system includes structures such as the hippocampus (long-term memory), the amygdala (emotions), the hypothalamus (autonomic nervous system and hormones), and the cingulate gyrus (regulates blood pressure, heart rate, and attention).

It is due to the fact that the olfactory system is so closely connected to the limbic system that essential oils have such profound physiological and psychological effects .

Cold, i make my thieves on in a roller and put it in the back of my neck and under feet, i have always only used it diluted and yet ir still burned my skin to such extend that It burned for days cause i rubed itvon my chest, i would not want that for anyone aspecialy if you prone to excema dont use it clean! Can also drink the thieves with origanum

2020/11/03, I wouldn’t put oregano in thieves tea it’s MUCH to powerful I would place it in a capsule

2020/11/03, 07:31 – For bad nappy rash
2020/11/03, 07:44 – Madeleine I would use a drop of lavender and frankincense in a tablespoon of carrier oil and apply after washing his bottom and patting it dry – the baby wipes could also be a problem and make it sting
2020/11/03, Dankie jys die beste😘😘😘

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2020/11/03, This is what happens when you use a diffuser that is not made for REAL essential oils! Used this one probably 5 times and it started to disintegrate. Buy the real deal….all I can recommend.
2020/11/03, 👆🏻 this happened to another member in SA
2020/11/03, Wow.
2020/11/03, Yes & you & your family will inhale all those harmful chemicals
2020/11/03, Looking for oils that increase melatonin production, has anyone any experience here?

Hi Lynne, Cedarwood is a known for producing melatonin.

2020/11/03, Kan jy dit net so op jou baba plaas? Of moet jy ‘n carrier oil gebruik?

2020/11/03, I need cedarwood !! Struggling to sleep Lately

For a baby you will have to dilute.

You can apply to brainstem and front of head.

2020/11/03, I use cedarwood and valor together with YL Haven. Sleep like a log. Valor all over toe pads incl big toe. Cedarwood to brainstem and forehead. I use 2 drops each neat.

picture of basket with essential oils, fruit  and lavender

I am a Dr. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology who was deeply involved in pharmaceutical research. I believed wholeheartedly in the western paradigm of medicine. In my role, I invented new tools that accelerated the discovery of new drugs. As an ardent student of the western drug paradigm, I believed that natural medicine was ineffective and largely a phenomenon governed by our good friend the placebo effect combined with a good degree of wishful thinking.

Boy…was I wrong.

What turned me around? Three things mainly….First, I saw essential oils work on my family (thanks to my wife). Second, I saw essential oils work on me (thanks to my wife). Third, the first two reasons thrusted me into a journey of learning and discovery…
[18:17, 2/21/2021] Kristina Yl: 👆👆👆 Testimony by Dr. Doug Coorigan

[09:13, 2/21/2021] Kristina Yl: Want your house to smell like an Aveda spa? Meet R.C. R.C. is a blend of – Eucalyptus Globulus Myrtle Marjoram Pine Eucalyptus Radiata Eucalyptus Citriodora Lavender Cypress Black Spruce Peppermint = whoa. Do you see all of those oils? This is a blend of TEN different oils. R.C. smells exactly like a spa to me. I diffuse this one all of the time because it reminds me so much of the Aveda hair care line – Shampure, which is one of my favorite scents ever. But this oil doesn’t just smell like a high priced luxury spa. You can do so much with R.C…. Apply to feet to boost immunity Use as a chest rub with a little coconut oil whenever you feel a chill coming on Gargle one…
[09:14, 2/21/2021] Kristina Yl: Here are my favorite R.C. diffuser blends – to create that clean and fresh spa-like experience!

10 drops R.C.
5 drops Peppermint

Aveda Shampure
5 drops R.C.
5 drops Rosemary
1 drop Vetiver

Afternoon at the Spa
7 drops R.C.
3 drops Lemon
2 drops Lime

Young Living R C essential oils , uses

[10:08, 2/24/2021] Kristina Yl: 🏠 To purify the air in your home, try diffusing oils such as: Purification, Thieves, Lemon, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, or Peppermint.⠀⁠
💡 Blend idea: 4 drops Purification + 2 drops Thieves. ⠀⁠
❓ Why? Purification to combat odors + Thieves to kill airborne germs and bacteria. You know the kind 🦠💪


: Morning. My niece’s 10 year old gets eczema on her face. I saw a testimony for someone that used Frank and lavender in carrier oil roller. Is it safe for the face?
: Also what carrier would one use please?
: With Eczema you need a multi level approach
Diet toxins and oils
With our daughter we had to eliminate
All gluten. Dairy and sugar and then removed all chemicals from washing powder and household cleaning chemicals to soaps and creams.
With diet you need to eliminate for at least 3 months and then slowly test to see what triggers but she will always need to be careful
Chemicals switch to Thieves cleaner for everything and then what she washes her bedding and clothes in and her body
Oils – Melrose is the bomb it’s gentle and works fast Frank is also great and lavender – our daughter hates oily residues so she won’t use a carrier and unless she has a flair up and then I make a balm with grape seed olive oil and beeswax – I don’t add oils to it she rather

puts a drop of Melrose in her palm and add a little balm to it mixes it together and rubs it in.

Don’t use coconut oil it dries it more

You need to look at her gut health – good probiotic and also her lungs Eczema is linked to both

Thank you