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Here we are going to present links to information that will help you to find optimal wellness. That is in Mind ,Soul & body. We will add more as we go so you get helpful facts and not hype…. Mind info, most people or health practitioners & your doctor don`t Know or have not realized […]

Looking for essential oil support, this is a sample of a chat group members can join

My Oiler`s club, There are many different groups  on whats-app, Facebook and Telegram, this is a example  of just one.. Kristina Yl: It’s stay fresh Friday and we’re loving this ‘Homemade Ningxia-Infused Iced Tea’ recipe 🌿😌✨ . Step 1 – Place 2 – 3 teabags of your choice in a glass jar (Recommended = Rooibos […]

Some ideas with Thieves, Our first line of defence against the invisable enemy!

DIY Thieves Cleaning Fizzies Certain chores around the house are less than desirable. For you, maybe it’s taking out the garbage or cleaning out the fridge, but we can all agree that cleaning the toilet isn’t something to look forward to. That’s why we’ve created the perfect solution that will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and […]

Learn About Essential Oils

How do I use these powerfull Young Living ESSENTIAL OILS SAFELY, for every day health ?

Essential oils are powerful and should be used with care! It’s really important to do your research when choosing what essential oils to use and how to use them. The idea that “if a little is good, a lot is better” is not true with essential oils. We recommend starting low and going slow….

All things Thieves, ebook discover the story from the days of plague`s

Thieves isn’t just an essential oil. It is, but it’s so much more. Young Living
created an entire line of lifestyle products based on their proprietary Thieves blend
oil. Over the next few chapters I’ll show you why the liquid you use to clean your
house, the detergent you use to wash your clothes and sheets, the paste you use to, read more…