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A Math Teacher Went From Earning $5,000 a Month to $28,000 Thanks to 6 Strategic Money Decisions Steve Chen went from being a teacher to becoming financially independent and making six figures From the moment Steve Chen saw his first paycheck, he knew the job wasn’t going to pan out. He started his career as […]

Triumph Over Health

Why You Need Triumph Over Health I’m Tina Buenzli. I can’t wait to help you Elevate your Health! Cancer Diagnosis 1 in 2 men 1 in 3 women 598,100 deaths/year Heart Disease Death Rank #1 635,300 deaths/year Kidney Disease 14.8% of population 661,000 have kidney failure 468,000 on dialysis 2.7 per 1000 children have chronic […]

“In order to be rich, you have to live below your means.”

Hey,Perhaps you’ve heard this said before…“In order to be rich, you have to live below your means.”Living below your means is the idea that you should not spend more money than you bring in each month. It is the kissing cousin of the scams, “Get out of debt” and “Save money.”As the thinking goes by so-called experts, the […]

More links to truths about health that the big pharma don’t want you to know !!

Click on picture to go to Dr Shiva Here is Dr Strydom, website click on link Dr. Gerson findings, documentary One needs to understand that the Mind rules over all , what I mean is that one can do healthy diet/lifestyle but with little or no success, until we look at things like thoughts […]

The Power of Frankincense essential oil by Young Living.

Pregnancy and Essential Oils: a Guest Post by Dr. Lindsey Elmore Join us for a guest post from Dr. Lindsey Elmore! Drawing from her distinguished background as a pharmacist, Lindsey shares her advice for getting the most from essential oils during the tough, rewarding nine months of pregnancy. Check out what she and five new […]