THC-CBD , infused Coffee.

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It is with great pleasure that we introduce our Coffee products meant to enhance your lifestyle, work & study performance, focus, awareness and Mental energy overall.

Our Coffee Products are made with the finest Coffee beans to provide a healthy Caffeine Noopept while combining the excellent benefits of our Quality THC and CBD Cannabinoids.

You will be able to enjoy a full day effectively even when exhausted or mentally drained in most cases at best or;

You will be able to attain awareness and calm without the weak and shaky feelings arising from over use in caffeine and Mel sleep.

Your Focus, Drive and reaction will have increased substantially when taken in the right doses, were accuracy is a must.

Product Benefits

As with all our Products we test the outcomes and effects on reliable test subjects who give us clear and direct feedback on each product benefit and outcome.

The following findings have been observed and conveyed on the effects of our Coffee Brands from our Partners:

Coffee Type Cup Amount Benefits Effects after 5 – 8 hours
THC 220 ml Full Mental Awareness Calming effect Mental Energy Focus Anti-Anxiety Anti-Depressant Fights Fatigue Assists Natural Appetite Assists with Sleep Natural Tiredness De Stressing Calmness Relaxing effect
CBD 220 ml Facilitates Caffeine in fighting Mental Fatigue Medium to low pain relief Focus Anti-Depressant Medium Facilitation of Mental Energy Calming Effect Mild Pain Relief Relaxant De Stressed